England’s Stuart Broad to retire from cricket after Ashes series


England's Stuart Broad to retire from cricket after Ashes series

England fast bowler Stuart Broad has announced his retirement from cricket.

The 37-year-old will end his career after this summer’s Ashes series against Australia.

He made the “emotional” announcement after day three of the fifth Test match at The Oval, with England looking to draw the dramatic series at 2-2.

“I decided at 8.30pm last night,” he told Sky Sports.

“I have been thinking about it for a couple of weeks. England vs Australia has always been the pinnacle for me.

“I have loved the battles that have come my way and the team’s way. I have a love affair with Ashes cricket.

“I think I wanted my last bat and bowl to be in Ashes cricket.”

England's Stuart Broad to retire from cricket after Ashes series

Broad’s incredible record

Broad has been a key member of the England Test side since making his debut against Sri Lanka in December 2007, having won 167 caps, and is the leading wicket-taker in this summer’s Ashes.

He’s taken more than 600 wickets in Test cricket and is the only Englishman with two Test hat-tricks to his name.

His finest moment came in the 2015 Ashes series, when he took an astonishing eight wickets for just 15 runs, skittling Australia almost single-handedly in 57 deliveries.

Broad has served as One Day and Twenty20 (T20) England captains, in which he made 121 and 56 appearances.

He’s played club cricket for Leicestershire and boyhood side Nottinghamshire. The latter’s home, Trent Bridge, fittingly hosted his career-defining performance in 2015.

England's Stuart Broad to retire from cricket after Ashes series

‘A true champion’

England Cricket paid tribute to him on social media, describing him as a “true legend of the game”.

Ex-captain Mike Atherton hailed Broad as an “undeniably great cricketer”.

Former teammate Sir Alastair Cook described him as a player who delivered “in the big moments”.

Broad’s idol Glenn McGrath said he was a “true champion”.

“He has been incredible for England for a long, long time,” he added.

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‘No regrets’ after ‘awesome’ career

Broad, who co-owns a Nottinghamshire pub damaged in a fire last year, said his career had been “awesome”.

He described this Ashes series as “one of the most enjoyable and entertaining that I’ve been part of”.

“I don’t think I will leave the game with any regrets. I will give it a red-hot go over the next couple of days,” he added.

“It is such an addictive environment to be part of.

“I wanted my lasting memories to be loving the playing side, and that is exactly where I am at. Pure happiness.”

England's Stuart Broad to retire from cricket after Ashes series

As it happened: England build lead on day three of fifth Ashes test

England ended play on Saturday on 389-9, leading by 377 runs.

Broad, fifth on the all-time list of Test wicket-takers, will be key as the hosts look to bowl out Australia on Sunday.

Victory will tie the series, denying Australia a first Test series win on English soil since 2001.

The visitors had a 2-0 lead before England began their fightback.


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