Lucy Letby: Parents of baby killer’s victims reveal their heartbreak in court


Lucy Letby: Parents of baby killer's victims reveal their heartbreak in court

The mother of a baby murdered by Lucy Letby said her experience in hospital was “like something out of a horror story” as the parents of newborns attacked by the killer nurse revealed their heartbreak in court.

The mother of premature baby Child D said the funeral was held the day before her due date and the newborn’s organs could not be donated because a post-mortem had to be performed.

Another woman whose two children E and F were attacked by Letby said they were born after painful rounds of IVF. “No children in the world were more wanted than them,” she added.

Letby has been handed a whole-life order, meaning she will die in prison, after she was found guilty of murdering seven babies and attempting to kill six others at the Countess of Chester Hospital between June 2015 and June 2016.

Tears in court as ‘sadistic’ Letby sentenced – follow live from court

‘His murderer was watching us’

The mother of a baby referred to as Child C to protect his identity blamed herself for his death, saying she thought to herself: “What if I had not gone to bed that night? Maybe he would still be here.”

She told the court: “The trauma of that night will live with us all until the day we die. Knowing now his murderer was watching us… was like something out of a horror story.”

The mother of Child C also said she would open her son’s memory box in the days after his death, wearing his footprints around her neck to feel close to him. She said after Letby’s arrest the mementoes felt “tainted”.

However, she is now able to wear them again for the first time in five years, telling the court: “I know they represent the love I have for my son and I will not allow evil to take that. They represent justice and the truth.”

Why we're not identifying the children and their families

Though their real names have been used in court, all children involved in the trial against Lucy Letby have been granted anonymity through a strict reporting restriction.

The order, imposed by a judge, also bans any reporting of the names of the babies’ parents, to protect their identities.

It means the babies have been referred to as children A to Q throughout.

‘We hope you spend every day suffering’

A twin boy and girl, Child A and Child B respectively, were targeted by Letby in 2015.

The boy died while his sister survived.

The mother of the babies told the court: “What should have been the happiest time of our lives became our worst nightmare.”

She added that after her son died the family made sure there was always somebody by their daughter’s side.

“We are so thankful that we had that fear for Child B as it saved her life,” the mother added.

In a message directed at Letby, who refused to attend her sentencing, the mother continued: “Little did we know you were waiting for us to leave so you could attack the one thing that gave us reason to live.”

She says there will always be a “gaping hole” where their son should be.

“We hope you live a very long life and spend every single day suffering for what you have done.”

Lucy Letby: Parents of baby killer's victims reveal their heartbreak in court

Mother’s heart ‘shattered into a thousand pieces’

The mother of premature baby girl Child D was emotional as she said Letby’s “wicked sense of entitlement and abuse of her role as a trusted nurse is truly a scandal”.

“Lucy Letby, you failed God and the plans we had for [Child D].”

She added that her heart “shattered into a thousand pieces” when her daughter died.

The mother added that she questioned if she had done something wrong, missed something or “failed her daughter”.

She then described how she has struggled with “grief and depression” during her fight for justice.

“My marriage is also scarred by all the hurdles we went through. At first, we were each other’s rocks… it has been hard to keep strong together.”

Lucy Letby: Parents of baby killer's victims reveal their heartbreak in court

‘Significant harm and cruelty’

The mother of boys children E and F had the twins after several rounds of IVF.

Child E died while his brother survived.

“Lucy was aware of our journey and deliberately caused significant harm and cruelty to our boys,” she said with emotion thick in her voice.

“No children in the world were more wanted than them.”

Their son has complex learning difficulties, which they believe is a direct result of his being poisoned with insulin.

“Nothing can change what has happened to us, we are living with a life sentence because of Lucy’s crimes.”

The mother also called Letby’s decision not to appear in court for her sentencing “one final act of wickedness from a coward”.

“Even in these final days of the trial she has tried to control things, the disrespect she has shown the families and the court show what type of person she is.”

She finished by calling Letby “nothing” before returning to sit with the other families.

Lucy Letby: Parents of baby killer's victims reveal their heartbreak in court

Father of victims considered taking his own life

Children O and P were two triplet babies murdered by Letby. She took a photograph of them in a cot after their deaths.

Their mother provided a pre-recorded message to the court because she felt unable to enter the witness box.

She said Letby was unconsolable after the deaths of the babies.

“I only have one photograph of me holding all three boys together,” she said.

“It was Lucy Letby that dressed Child P after his passing and took his footprints which were stored in a memory box.”

The father of the two babies said he turned to alcohol after their deaths and at one point considered taking his own life.

Lucy Letby: Parents of baby killer's victims reveal their heartbreak in court

Baby left disabled after attack

Letby attempted to murder six babies during her time on the hospital’s neonatal unit – targeting Child G twice.

The baby girl was the result of IVF, which had cost the family great expense abroad.

Child G was left disabled after the attacks.

The girl is registered blind, has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and is fed by a tube through her stomach.

Her mother now finds it difficult to trust people who work in hospitals, but the parents need nurses to visit them every week to help support them and their child.

Her father told the court his baby was saved by God but “the Devil found her”.

Child G’s father told the court: “Everything feels like a constant battle just to have the essential things that Child G needs during her daily life.”

He says his daughter will “never have a sleepover with a best friend, or go to high school and graduate. She will never have a first kiss, a boyfriend, or get married”.

“She will always be in her chair,” he added.

Lucy Letby: Parents of baby killer's victims reveal their heartbreak in court

Mother now wants baby to be home-schooled

The mother of Child N, who Letby tried to murder in June 2016, says she knew her son had been “deliberately harmed”.

“I just kept questioning why our healthy baby boy was fine one minute and then bleeding from the mouth and needing CPR the next.”

She added that she wants her child to be home-schooled because her belief in people in positions of trust has been broken.

Father suffered a seizure in years after Letby attacks

The father of children L and M, who Letby attempted to murder, said the baby killer kept looking at him during her trial.

He added that he suffered a seizure due to the stress and anxiety of the past eight years.

The father said: “There was a day when I was at the trial and the public gallery was full and I was sat in Lucy Letby’s line of view and she kept looking over at me.

“That made me feel quite uncomfortable and uneasy and I had to move in the afternoon, so I was out of her view.”

Anyone feeling emotionally distressed or suicidal can call Samaritans for help on 116 123 or email in the UK. In the US, call the Samaritans branch in your area or 1 (800) 273-TALK


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