Ricky Gervais jokes ‘roll on death’ after falling ill during tour – and reveals bizarre symptom


Ricky Gervais jokes 'roll on death' after falling ill during tour - and reveals bizarre symptom

Ricky Gervais has joked “roll on death” after falling ill during his stand-up tour.

The comedian said he powered through his show in Birmingham on Monday when he felt “a bit under the weather” – but he “could hardly walk” the following day.

“I was a bit under the weather on stage last night but I got through it,” he posted on social media on Tuesday.

“Then I didn’t sleep due to coughing, sweating, shivering. Felt even worse today. Could hardly walk.

“Also, my teeth feel too big for my mouth. What the f****** Christ sort of symptom is that? Roll on death.”

After some people commented on his post suggesting he had COVID, Gervais responded by saying he would issue masks for his next audience “only if they’re really ugly”.

In a post today, Gervais said he was feeling “a lot better”.

“Thanks for all your ‘get well soon’ wishes,” The Office star wrote.

“They worked. I feel a lot better today.

“That’s the last time I eat sweet and sour bat before a gig.”

Ricky Gervais jokes 'roll on death' after falling ill during tour - and reveals bizarre symptom

Gervais, 62, is currently on his worldwide Armageddon tour, which began in November last year, and has taken him to venues in countries including Finland, Spain and the US.

One of his tour dates at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on 6 May smashed the record for the highest grossing single stand-up performance ever, according to Guinness World Records.

The show earned a total of £1.4m in ticket sales.

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Gervais is said to have increased his security ahead of the summer leg of his UK tour after he reportedly received death threats following jokes he had made.

Armageddon will stream on Netflix next year.


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