What to eat when workingout to lose weight


Hunger, frustration, fatigue … We’re sick of having to suffer for months in the hope of getting a Victoria’s Secret angel body. The solution ? Read our pro tips to lose weight fast while working out. As we all know, drastic diets cause rapid weight loss, but hunger and lack of foods quickly regain the upper hand, and transforms them in weight, fast.

What good does it do to suffer, if it the weight makes a nice return in one two months later? No, denial is definitely not the right solution. To slim down, one should practice regular exercise, and of course, pay attention to his/her diet. You can eat everything, but in the right amount. Some basic rules:

Contrary to what one might think, we should not eliminate fat. Omega 3 that they give us are essential for proper functioning of our body. To season salads, you can use canola oil or walnut oil. To cook our dishes, instead we opt for olive oil.What to eat when workingoutWe consume proteinProtein consumption is paramount when you want to lose weight through sport. We know that without them, the muscle is not formed. We chose instead lean parts such as fish or white meatPriority to low glycemic index carbohydratesThe consumption of low glycemic carbohydrates limit the feeling of hunger. This reduces the risk of snacking. Specifically, these are:-the whole grains-Of pulses-the sweet potatoes-the sourdough bread or cerealBye-bye sugarLike alcohol and excess salt, sugar should be avoided. Indeed, it is not necessary, and can be easily replaced with muscovado or agave syrup, for example.We eat homemadeIf we have time, we cook. It avoids the most of consuming products from the food industry of unknown composition and make us gain weight without even knowing why.Fruits, vegetables and water at willThree elements should not curb consumption! Cooked with little fat, vegetables can be eaten in large quantities. If hungry, we love a fruit. Finally, drink plenty of water, between 1.5L and 2L per day at least.Once our food is at the top, we can confidently begin to move. Food represents 70% of the work as part of a weight loss through sport. So do not really neglect the previous tips.

What to eat when workingout to lose weight

Tips for workingoutThe little things that make allIt may sound silly, but if you take the stairs instead of the escalator whenever we are confronted with this dilemma in the subway, we will begin to have sore thighs. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator every time we go down a coffee, we will start to firm up. So we change our habits, and casually this will have a significant impact on our physical form.We alternate cardio and weight trainingAnd no, to lose weight is not enough to go running around the house twice a week (O rage, O despair). Indeed, you have to alternate strength training and cardio work. If you’re highly motivated, you can even combine the two in the same session.Whenever possible we motivate ourselvsIf it is pressed, the ideal is to do as often as possible sport. Every day, in the best case, and every other day if you can not. The muscle is heavier than fat, you should not panic if the results on the scale are not dazzling early on. This is not a diet, it’s a new lifestyle: the guarantee of good health and a nice figure for long. Let’s play!



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